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EXFOLIATING REGENERATING GENTLE BODY SCRUB GEL ? exfoliates regenerates smoothes with fossil marine algae powder. A gentle and effective scrub-gel with light texture that renews your skin and makes it receptive to subsequent treatments, formulated with marine fossil algae powder, formed millions of years ago, which gives your skin timeless beauty. INGREDIENTS: • Fossil Peeling Powder is natural mechanical exfoliating active, formed by the sedimentation of more than one million different species of algae in the North Sea, near Denmark. 100% natural fossil powder of marine origin, formed million of years ago that, thanks to the rounded shape and the size of its particles, carries out an effective yet gentle skin exfoliation and renewal, unlike other scrubs that may use non-rounded shape particles, such as bamboo, which can damage and irritate the skin. ? Rice Powder is natural mechanical exfoliating active ? Distilled Witch Hazel water is moisturizing, softening, soothing and prevents redness. ? Allantoin has smoothing, softening and soothing properties. ? Dermatologically tested ? paraben free ? allergen free ? gluten free ? Maxi size tube. 400 ml


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